Late 19th Century turbot kettle

Late 19th Century turbot kettle


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This one of a kind English turbotiere made from a substantial gauge of copper features its original lifting rack, thick rolled rim, very heavy detailed brass handles-each held with four large copper rivets and the number “24” impressed onto both handles-and an extra wide copper strap handle to the lid. Both the kettle and lid are stamped with the Benham and Sons belt buckle maker’s mark.

Benham & Sons, Wigmore St., London, was established as an entirely separate company in the 1870s and became Limited in 1892 with six directors, four of whom had the surname Benham but no relationship has yet been established. They produced copperware of similar quality to Benham. The company apparently closed in London 1907 and may have moved to Birmingham. Benham & Sons, Ltd., Strafford House, Strafford Place Birmingham 12, were marketing cookware until late 20th century.

Height 7 Inches
Width 29 Inches
Depth 20 Imches